EO4SD DRR and BRGM join forces!


The EO4SD Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) cluster is honored to welcome on-board the French Geological Survey (BRGM). BRGM is France’s reference public institution for Earth Science providing expertise for public policies, decision making and citizen information. Among other activities the institute has participated in numerous national and international research projects on EO applications for natural risks including vulnerability, hazard and risk evaluation. 

The Risks and Prevention Department of BRGM, features a team of renowned international experience in the field of Remote Sensing applied to the assessment and monitoring of geohazards. The long experience in processing and analysis of EO data, especially SAR and InSAR products makes BRGM a key asset for the initiative, ensuring its goal to create successful DRR services. Michael Foumelis, a geologist-geophysicist specialising in Imaging Geodesy, is the leading expert contributing to this cluster on behalf of BRGM.

Having such a fine institution join the EO4SD cluster implies a betterment of the products and services provided.

In the image, the new member of the team, Michael Foumelis (BRGM), together with Alberto Lorenzo (Indra) and Vincenzo Massimi (Planetek) with posters of the three institutions presented in the Capacity Building activity of the EO4SD DRR consortium in Jakarta during June 2019.