EO4SD DRR at Resilience Planning workshop (July 8-12, 2019)

Event date: 
8 July 2019 to 12 July 2019

The EO4SD DRR project was represented in the Resilience Investment Planning Workshop. This event is organized by the City Resilience Program (CRP) as a way to close the gap between the needs of the cities of make investments in strengthening urban resilience and the technical expertise and/or the access to capital to finance them. The objectives of the workshop are:

  1.  to support client cities with their capital investment planning process by shifting from a sectorial to a spatial approach and identifying sources of project financing,
  2.  to provide a platform and systematic approach to knowledge sharing and learning on issues related to urban planning, resilience, project development and capital mobilization in cities
  3.  to convene task teams and client cities to focus on new project identification and preparation. 

As part of the preparation of the workshop it is the City Scan, which provides a rapid assessment of the critical development challenges that cities face using publicly available data. The scan aims to serve as a conversation starter between the task team and client city to assess cities’ investment priorities and financing needs in

The workshop puts together key stakeholders like city delegates (normally city mayors and representatives from the city planning, engineering and finance departments), key resource persons of global leads who can share their good experiences and can assist task teams in developing projects and international donors and other development partners.

The project was invited by the City Resilience Workshop to present the Earth Observation solutions available in the market to face the Disaster Risk Management issues of the cities. 

To the workshop attended a representation of the EO4SD DRR project, with Alberto Lorenzo presenting in one of the lightning talks of the first day, and Alberto Lorenzo and Marino Palacios (head of Earth Observation Applications unit) supporting the cities in vis-à-vis sessions for finding the best Disaster Risk Management EO-based solutions for their problems. Iñigo Guevara, director of International Relations Unit and the Smart Cities Division of Indra were invited by the CRP as well, the latest to present their solutions to the cities, as part of a bigger solution together with the Earth Observation Unit.