Government of Indonesia’s users on EO products for Disaster Risk Reduction


The event, sponsored by ADB and LAPAN, congregated more than nine institutions and different river basin authorities. Sitting fifth from the left and next, the lecturers Michael Foumelis (BRGM), Alberto Lorenzo Alonso (Indra) and Vincenzo Massimi (Planetek) 



The EO4SD DRR team conducted a training session for Government of Indonesia users on EO products supporting recovery and reconstruction of Central Sulawesi after the earthquake and tsunami of last 28th September 2018.

After the earthquake and consequent tsunami, the ADB and ESA joint forces for providing support to the Government of Indonesia in the first stages of recovery and reconstruction on the affected area in Palu. EO4SD DRR generated added-value Earth Observation products (Terrain motion, flood hazard, land use - land cover and nigh light change that can be explored here) facilitating the decision taking and raising interest in both the ADB and national users. 

ADB decided to support the production of an updated version of the terrain motion service in order to assess the stability of the area affected in the months following the disaster. Moreover, ADB supported the organization of the capacity-building event, gathering key national organizations in the headquarters of LAPAN (Indonesian Space Agency). The objectives of the workshop were (i) raising awareness of the usefulness of space technology for Disaster Risk Management, (ii) explaining in detail the products generated for this case and (iii) instructing in the generation of complex EO products with open-source tools.

Together with LAPAN, national organizations implied in different phases of the Disaster Risk Management cycle were present such as BAPPENAS (the organization in charge of spatial planning), the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, BNPB (the National Board for Disaster Management), the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and BPPT (Disaster Risk Reduction Technology Center). In total, more than 50 attendees actively participated in the sessions.

According to the feedback from ADB and the attendees, the workshop was very positive, helping to understand the value of EO for Disaster Risk Reduction and the products provided in particular. Both ESA, ADB and the Government of Indonesia expect this to become the first step of a long term cooperation aimed to the inclusion of space technology in the usual practices of the bank and local users.

The workshop took place in the Ruang Auditorium, at LAPAN headquarters in Jakarta, from 17th to 21st of June 2019 and has already been made public through ESA’s webpage, Sentinel-1 latest news section.